Chicopee Comprehensive High School

Guidance and Counseling Services & Functions

Academic Counseling– Individual academic schedules and Four Year High School academic plans are developed and amended accordingly through individual counseling sessions, in order to meet each student’s needs and plans.

Developmental Guidance– Counselors meet with students in a group setting to discuss many issues: study skills, career exploration, college planning, bullying and mediation. 

Personal Counseling– Both crisis and individual counseling is available at times for personal, family, emotional, behavioral and substance abuse issues.  Students and parents are welcome to make appointments for a personal guidance conference at any time. If long-term counseling is needed, the appropriate referral will be made.

Career Development– A comprehensive and developmental process of career awareness, exploration, decision making and implementation is provided for each student using our Career Center, career interest assessments, group career programs, and individual counseling.

Admissions to College is a developmental process involving scholastic ability and character.  Information is available in the guidance office regarding important test dates, the college application process, financial aid and scholarships.

Assessment and Interpretation-  Aptitude tests (i.e. ASVAB, PSAT, SAT, ACT) achievement tests (i.e. MCAS, AP Exam, College Board Subject Tests) and career interest assessments ( i.e. Career Center/    Career Cruising) are either administered and/or used throughout the year as tools for academic and postsecondary counseling.

Referral– Counselors routinely will refer certain situations to a vast array of community resources and/or professionals who can supplement our guidance and counseling services.

TEL: 413-594-3534, FAX: 413-594-3492


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