Chicopee Comprehensive High School

CCHS School Brains Portals

Access to this portal allows teachers to communicate vital academic, attendance and behavior information to families in real time!

Use it to check how often your child has been absent this year, pull up the latest assignments or check the grade your child earned on any given assessment.

Please note that each student AND each parent will have his/her own user name and password so that students are empowered to take ownership of their learning and grades. Parents of multiple students can view all children under one account. To use the portal, simply click on the link and enter your user name and password.

While digital communication tools are a great means of keeping up on your child’s progress at school, please don’t hesitate to contact  teachers directly at any time throughout the year.

School Brains Parent Access Portal: Access to attendance, assignments and grades

  1. Type in user name and password
  2. Click on your child’s  name
  3. You now have access to student attendance, assignments and grades for every course/subject your student takes at CCHS.

Once logged in, you may change your password at any time. Please do not share your student user name and password with anyone.

TEL: 413-594-3534, FAX: 413-594-3492


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