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Supporters preparing greeting cards and gift bags for visit to Holyoke Soldiers' Home


A. Dion 

E. Stanton

President:   Bobby L.

Vice Pres.:  Dakota Z.

Secretary:   Nick B.

Treasurer:  Shawn F. 

Photos: Club members provided support by volunteering at a Ceremonial Reception from Chicopee Elder Council #69 Knights of Columbus on Granby Road in Chicopee, MA.  Club Members, Polina, Matt & Nate got to meet guests of honor Mayor Richard Kos, Guest Speaker – Colonel Albert  Lupenski (Commander of Westover Air Reserve Base/439th Airlift Wing Commander) and Ms. Kimberly Babin (Director of Chicopee Veteran's Services).

  Video "OUR STORY"  

PURPOSE of Club:  The Veteran's Support Club is a student initiated, student led and student driven club created to find ways of helping provide recognition and support to veterans of our Armed Services in Chicopee and surrounding communities.  As a club of Supporters, students will combine efforts to prepare initiatives and execute plans to achieve our goals.  We are currently partnering efforts with the Chicopee Department of Veterans' Services to help with several of their existing programs.  

Current Officers:  2016 -2017

President:   Bobby L.

Vice President:  Dakota Z.

Secretary:   Nick B.

Treasurer:  Shawn F. 

MEETING TIMES:   Every Tuesday @ 2:15 - 3:10ish pm in Room 232 

DUES / FEES: None   

SEASON: All Year Round     


Current Fundraiser:  

The club supporters are currently selling SpiritCups! 
Check it out and see what you'd like! 
Not only will you be purchasing quality sets of cups, but you will effectively be supporting Veterans through our organization. They truly are great, durable cups and mugs.
Sounds like a win-win to me! 
Online orders will be available through January but order ASAP to get them shipped for you to hand out as gifts!!

Show your support by placing an order here:

   • SpiritCups (18 oz.) are heavy-gauge, molded plastic.

      All cups feature exclusive 3D animated designs and are dishwasher safe,

      Cup designs: U.S. Military, All 32 NFL teams, all 30 MLB teams, 16            

      NHL teams, over 100 top colleges, and seven Collectors Series designs.

Current/Ongoing Support for Chicopee Veteran's and Active Duty Members: 

  • Monday Evening Dinners:   Westover Air Reserve Base in support of the United Service Organization (USO)  
  • Chicopee Veteran's Housing supply drive

Proposed Future Activities:  

  • Gravestone wreath preparation
  • Dog Tag 5k fundraiser run
  • Christmas/Holiday season visit to Holyoke Soldiers' Home
  • Gravestone flag placement
SIGN UP:    New Supporters are welcome to join Anytime (Room 232) 


TEL: 413-594-3534, FAX: 413-594-3492


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