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April is National School Library Month

Watch this PSA from Jason Reynolds, author of Patina, All American Boys, Miles Morales, Spider-Man and many others.

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Students can check up to two books at a time.  Books are checked out for two weeks.  Students can return books when their class comes to the library for classes or circulation.  The library is also open in the morning before and during homeroom for students to return books or select new books. 

Students are responsible for the library materials checked out in their name. Items that are lost or damaged need to be paid for.  Students have the option of replacing lost items with an exact replacement.

Library Classes

Students come to the library every other week for classes and circulation. Students are encouraged to select reading materials based on their individual interests.  Students will learn how to use the library’s print and on-line resources, how to evaluate resources, how to find and use accurate information, and more.  Library and information literacy classes support the school’s curriculum and are often taught in collaboration with the classroom teachers.


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Summer reading suggestions coming soon

Graphic Novels are
“Real” Books

Graphic novels are increasingly popular with both students and adults, and are very different from the comic books many of us have read and remember fondly.  Graphic novels are longer, have more complex story lines, and cover a wide range of genres, including both fiction and nonfiction.  Like a standard novel, a graphic novel tells a story in a sequential manner, using both text and images.  The text and images support each other and add to the complexity or richness of the story.  According to researchers, the reader is using more of his or her brain while combining both the text and images into a complete story. 

Graphic novels increase a reader's comprehension and interpretation of a story or topic.  They engage both reluctant readers and visual learners.  This is wonderful, as reading should be a pleasurable activity.  Students who read more develop increased background knowledge and vocabulary, which leads to greater ease in reading more complex texts.  
The American Library Association has an excellent list of suggestions:

At our library at DMMS, graphic novels are extremely popular and we cannot keep them on the shelves! 



We do accept book donations.  Books should be current, clean and meet the library's book selection criteria.  We are currently looking for :

Bone - all volumes

Halo - all volumes

Harry Potter - all volumes

Amulet - all volumes

Wimpy Kid -  all volumes

Big Nate - all volumes


Any questions, please contact us at the library.

C. Palframan


413-594-1881, ext 1135




TEL: 413-594-1881, FAX: 413-594-1897


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