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New Hope for Resistant Head Lice!


Dr. Michael Klitte, Infectious disease specialist at Baystate Children’s Hospital recently wrote an article about how to protect your child from lice and highlights a way to safely and effectively eliminate any type of lice without harsh chemicals.

His recommendation is to use Cetaphil skin cleanser. “This suffocates the lice. He recommends that you follow the steps below for a total of three treatments done one week apart:

  • First apply a liberal amount of Cetaphil cleaner to a dry scalp, until it is thoroughly saturated with cleanser
  • Blow dry the hair until completely dry
  • Leave the treatment in the hair for 8 hours or more. Lice can go up to 8 hours without taking a breath
  • Repeat once a week for three weeks”.¹

For those of you who have children with resistant head lice we encourage you to read this article and review the video included in it. Hopefully this procedure will work for your child! We encourage you to inform your school nurse if you in fact do use the Cetaphil and what your results were.

If you do not have access to this article please call your school nurse as she has copies that she will gladly send home with your child.

Submitted by: Karen Turmel, Nursing Supervisor

Dr. Michael Klatte, November 21, 2016.

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