Chicopee Comprehensive High School

School Mission/Vision Statement


Chicopee Comprehensive High School, a community of educators, students, administrators, parents, and support staff, provides a supportive and safe environment essential for learning.  We ensure that all students have opportunities to contribute in a democratic school society.  Academic, career, and technical courses are taught at a rigorous level to assure that students are prepared for college or their post-secondary learning.  The curriculum requires that students question, solve problems, analyze, synthesize, research, and construct knowledge.  We provide co-curricular activities and opportunities for community involvement, knowing that what students learn at Chicopee Comprehensive High School lays the foundation for life-long learning. 
Adopted by Faculty consensus, Thursday, November 10, 2005


Academic Expectations


  1. Students will write effectively.

  2. Students will read critically.

  3. Students will make effective oral presentations.

  4. Students will demonstrate problem-solving skills.

  5. Students will use technology ethically and will synthesize knowledge.


Civic Expectations


1.  Students will work cooperatively with others in or outside of class in small or in large groups.

2.  Students demonstrate an understanding of democratic principles in their interactions with others. 

3.  Students contribute to the improvement of the community.


Social Expectations


1.  Students work to maintain or enhance the school's physical appearance and promote its academic goals.

2.  Students interact appropriately with faculty, visitors, and members of the community. 

3.  Students act responsibly during the school day and at school-sponsored functions or at events in the community where students represent the school.

4.  Students include their parents in school-related functions.

5.  Students exhibit an awareness of their own development, appreciate beauty, and reflect on their own thought processes. 


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