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Welcome to Chicopee High School, home of the Pacers. Chicopee High School provides a college/career preparatory education for over 1,100 students. We offer a wide variety of courses in the traditional academics and now are expanding our offerings to incorporate career pathways. The school also offers many co-curricular activities including varsity, junior varsity and freshman sports plus a number of clubs and activities to meet our students interests and needs. We are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

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The Financial-Aid Fine Print



      Chicopee High School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., a non-governmental, nationally recognized organization whose affiliated institutions include elementary schools, colleges and universities.

      Accreditation of a school indicates that it meets or exceeds the ten standards for accreditation used to assess institutional quality.

      The standards are: (1) Statement of Purpose, (2) Curriculum and Instruction, (3) Student Support Services, (4) Library Technology and Media Services, (5) Administration, Faculty and Support staff, (6) School Facilities, (7) Community Support and Involvement, (8) Financial Support, (9) School Climate and (10) Assessment of Student Learning and School Performance.


      The students, faculty and staff at Chicopee High School care about and respect each other and value learning as a means of personal growth. We understand that it is essential for all our students to develop competencies that will allow them to function in the adult world as life-long learners, skilled workers, contributing members of their community, responsible adults and enlightened voters. We recognize that there are differences among us in terms of innate ability, gender, ethnic background, level of maturity, physical strength and development, and socio-economic background and we accept - even celebrate - these differences.

      Understanding that not everyone shares the same interests and aptitudes, we are committed to providing an educational program that will meet all students at their level and take them forward. It is our goal that students leave us competent in the basic skills, confident in their ability to live peacefully with their neighbors, appreciative of the contributions of others, and eager to add their own - in business and industry, in other professional fields and in the fine arts.


      The "Student Policy on Personal Appearance" of the Chicopee Public Schools indicates that "Neatness, cleanliness and modesty in dress are standards that all students should strive for." With this in mind as we approach warmer weather we want to remind everyone that "the student(s) dress and appearance must not distract from the educational process. Examples of inappropriate dress include the following: see-through clothing, short shorts, hats, bandannas, barebacks, bare midriffs, inappropriate printed material or graphics displayed on clothing, such as clothing advertising alcolohic beverages and/or sexual connotations. Students will be asked to remove or change the inappropriate article of clothing. Refusal to do so will result in the student being sent home." We also want to remind everyone that hats and headgear are not allowed in Chicopee High School. This includes hats, bandannas, skullcaps, doo rags, full cover headgear, and hoods.

The intent of this request is to encourage student attire and conduct that will help us maintain a positive atmosphere that promotes learning.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Chicopee High School Pacers

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