Chicopee School Committee



Section A    
Foundations and Basic Commitments

A1       School District Legal Status

A2       Statement of Philosophy

A3       School District Goals

A4       Anti-discrimination/Anti-harassment Policy

A5       Prohibited Use of Tobacco Products

A6       Carrying Firearms Upon School Grounds

A7       District Wellness Policy

A8       School-Based Public Access Defibrillation 

A9       Animals in School

A10     Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability


Section B    
Board Governance and Operations

B1       School Committee Operational Goals

B2       School Committee Legal Status

B3       School Committee Powers and Duties

B4       School Committee Member Authority

B5       School Committee Member Ethics

B6       School Committee Elections, Resignation,
           and Unexpired Term Fulfillment

B7       School Committee Organizational Meeting

B8       Duties of School Committee Officers

B9       Subcommittees of the School Committee

B10     Attorney

B11     School Committee Meetings

B12     Executive Sessions

B13     School Committee Meeting Notification and   
           Agenda Preparation      

B14     Rules and Regulations for Conducting

B15     Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings

B16     Advisory Committees to the School

B17     School Councils

B18     School Improvement Plan

B19     School Committee Policy

B20     School Committee Review of Regulations

B21     School Committee/Superintendent

B22     School Committee/Staff

B23     Use of Electronic Messaging by School
           Committee Members  

B24     New School Committee Member Orientation

B25    School Committee Conferences, Conventions
          and Workshops 

B26     School Committee Member Expenses

B27     Use of School-Owned Technology by School
           Committee Members   

B28     School Committee Member
           Qualifications/Oath of Office             


Section C     
General School Administration

C1       Administration Goals

C2       Superintendent's Contract/Compensation
           and Benefits        

C3       Superintendent's Evaluation

C4       Administrative and Supervisory Structure

C5       Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and

C6       Policy Implementation

C7       Approval of Handbooks and Directives

C8       Administration in Policy Absence

C9       State and Federal Programs Administration

C10     Signing Authority

C11     Vacancies of Central Office Administrators


Section D    
Fiscal Management

D1       Budget Preparation, Planning and Schedules

D2       Budget Account Deficit Policy

D3       Transfer of Funds Policy

D4       Funding Proposals and Applications

D6       Athletic Coordinator Responsibilities

D7       Gate Receipts and Admissions/Free

D8       Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

D9       Elementary School Accounts Policy

D10     Petty Cash Accounts

D11     Bidding Requirements

D12     Purchasing Policy

D13     Revolving Accounts Policy

D14     Expense Reimbursements


Section E     
Support Services

E1        Safety Policy

E2        Accident Prevention and Safety Policy

E3        Chemical Inventory and Storage Policy

E4        Accident Reports Policy

E5        Emergency Plans

E6        Emergency Closings

E7        Vandalism

E8        Energy Conservation

E9        Transportation and Safety Policy

E10      School-Owned Vehicles

E11      Free and Reduced Price Food Services

E12      Printing and Duplicating Services

E13      Materials Selection Policy

E14      Copyright, Fair Use and Library Copying

E15      Integrated Pest Management Policy

E16      Use of Information from the Sex Offender

E17      Recyclable Materials Policy

E18      Acceptable Use and Internet Safety

E19      Security Cameras

E20      Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy


Section F    
Facilities Development

F1        Facilities Development Goals

F2        Facilities Planning

F3        Naming/Renaming of Facilities and

F4        Retirement of Facilities


Section G    

G1       Equal Opportunity Employment

G2       Personnel Hiring Policy

G4       Misuse of Computer Facilities Policy

G5       Student, Staff and Visitor Identification

G6       Metal Scanner Policy

G7       School Volunteers

G8       Background Checks

G9       Staff Complaints and Grievance

G10     Professional Staff Positions

G11     Processional Staff Contracts and
           Compensation Plans       

G12     Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

G13     Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays

G14     Substitute Teachers Policy Statement

G15     Professional Staff Probation and Professional
           Teacher Students    

G16     Professional Staff Seniority

G17     Professional Staff Development

G18     Retirements of Professional staff Members

G19     Support Staff Contracts and Compensation

G20     Support Staff Leaves and Absences

G21     Retirement of Support Staff Members

G22     Evaluation of Professional Staff

G23     Digital Communication and Social

G24     Drug-Free Work Place

G25     Domestic Violence Leave

G26     Work Product


Section H    

H1       Negotiations Goals

H2       Negotiations Legal Status

H3       School Committee Negotiations Agents


Section I     
Instructional Programs

I1         School Year/School Day

I2         Organization of Instruction

I3         Middle and High School Classes Policy

I4         Curriculum Development

I5         Dual Enrollment Policy  

I6         Continuing Education Programs

I7         Basic Instructional Program

I8         Physical Education

I9         Career and Technical Education

I10       Admission Policy for Career and Technical

I11       Request for Career and Technical Education

I12       Health Education Curriculum/Parental

I13       Students with Disabilities Eligible for Special
            Education Services  

I14       Students with Disabilities Requiring 504

I15       Compensatory Education

I16       English Language Learners

I17       Home/Hospital Tutoring

I18       Home Education Programs

I19       Alternative School Programs

I20       Summer School Programs

I21       Instructional Materials

I22       Textbook Selection and Adoption Policy

I23       Materials Selection Policy

I24       Copyright, Fair Use and Library Copying

I26       Misuse of Computer Facilities Policy

I27       Field Trips

I28       Academic Achievement

I29       Homework Policy

I30       Promotion Policy

I31       Graduation Policy

I32       Graduation Policy for Students in Out of
            District Programs

I33       School Ceremonies and Observances

I34       New England Association of Schools and
            Colleges Evaluations Policy  


Section J     

J1         Student Policies Goals

J2         Equal Educational Opportunities

J3         Student-to-Student Harassment

J4         Entrance Age Policy   

J5         School Admissions

J6         Residency and Enrollment

J7         Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

J8         Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and

J9         School Choice

J10       Withdrawals

J11       Assignment of Students to Schools and Out
            of Attendance Zone Placement  

J12       Elementary and Middle School Attendance

J13       High School Attendance Policy

J14       Tardy Policy

J15       Student, Staff and Visitor Identification

J16       Students Rights and Responsibilities

J17       Student Involvement in Decision-Making

J19       Personal Appearance Policy

J20       Student Conduct on School Buses

J21       Student Publications

J22       Gang Activity/Secret Societies

J23       Prohibition of Hazing

J24       Bullying Prevention Policy

J25       Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use by Students

J26       Teaching about Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

J28       Interrogation, Searches and Arrests

J29       Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

J30       Student Organizations

J31       Student Fundraising Activities

J32       Student Activity Accounts

J33       Community-Sponsored Contests for

J34       Student Travel Policy

J35       Intramural/Interscholastic Athletics Policy

J36       Student Activity Transportation Policy

J37       Home Education Students Participating on
            Interscholastic Athletic Teams  

J38       Student Conduct and Discipline

J39       Corporal Punishment

J40       Physical Restraint of Students

J45       Student Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

J46       Student Welfare

J47       Accident Insurance for Students

J48       Head Injuries and Concussion Policy

J49       Student Health Services and Requirements

J50       Immunizations of Students

J51       Communicable Diseases

J52       Dispensation of Medication in School

J53       Pregnant Students

J55       Do Not Resuscitate Orders Policy

J56       Guidance Program

J57       Student Fees, Fines and Charges

J58       Student Records

J59       Student Photographs

J60       Student Publicity Policy

J61       Student Rights to Free Speech, Assembly,
            Press, and Association 

J62       Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy
            and Grievance Procedure  


Section K    
School-Community Relations

K1       School/Community Relations Goals

K2       School/Parent Relations Goals

K3       Non-Custodial Parents Rights

K4       Relations with Parent Organizations 

K5       Acceptance of Gifts Policy/Public Gifts to the

K6       Public's Right to Know 

K7       Cablecasting on the Educational Access

K8       News Media Relations/News Releases

K9       Public Complaints 

K12     Public Solicitations/Advertising in the
           Schools/Public Solicitations in the

K15     Relations with Police Authorities

K16     Relations with Planning Authorities

K17     Community Use of School Facilities


Section L    
Education Agency Relations

L1        Education Agency Relations Goals

L2        Relations with Other Schools and School

L3        Student Teaching and Internships

L4        Relations with Educational Accreditation

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